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Strategy + Vision

At VoiceRank, we are dedicated to staying on top of all things digital marketing so that we can keep our customers on top of the search engines. As the marketing landscape online continues to evolve and expand so to do our services. Below is an easy to follow list of exactly what we offer our customers.

Full Service Digital Marketing

$997 /mo

If you want to have a team of experts behind you, this is the program for you. We will optimize your website for 2021. We will make you found locally, on social media, and on Voice Search. Our team of experts has been doing this for 12+ years, and we are here to leverage that experience for your business.

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MASTERMIND Digital Marketing

$5,000 /mo

With our Mastermind program, we take your marketing to the next level. You will work with one of our owners, with 20+ years of digital marketing experience, to create a customized campaign with clear objectives to take your business to new heights. Application is required, as we only work with companies that are a good fit for what we do. Apply here.

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$97 /mo

Our standalone Voice Search program. For only $97 /mo. you can magnify your existing marketing to be found on Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. It doesn’t matter if you’re already working with another marketing company, this program stacks on top of what you’re already doing to amplify your marketing and get your business in front of customers using Voice Search. We are offering this service for a limited time at $97/month.

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Virtual CMO

Campaign Manager

$500 /mo

A dedicated, virtual chief marketing officer is an affordable way to leverage experts with years of experience for a fraction of the price of hiring one full time. Your Campaign Manager will be your one point of contact and will have ultimate responsibility for the success of your campaign. With a dedicated campaign manager, you will have an expert in your corner who will be focused on your marketing success.

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Ongoing Training

Private Group Training on Current Marketing Topics

$199 /mo

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of business owner, our ongoing marketing and SEO training will give you the tools to execute the strategies you believe will work best in your business. With a members-only Mastermind group and email and video training, you will always stay one step ahead of your competition because you will know about any changes or trends that could improve your return on your marketing investment.

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Social Media & Reputation Management

$499 /mo

Every business owner knows that one of the best places online to get new customers to see your brand is through Social Media. However, the social media landscape is continually changing, and can be confusing to know when to post, when to share, when to buy an ad, or boost a post, or go Live, or host an event. The list goes on. Let us manage you social media and tell a coherent narrative across all of your social sites.

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100+ Pages of Marketing Opportunities

$1,000 one time

This one report has saved our customers thousands in wasted time and money. It has helped our clients increase engagement by over 1,000% and sales over 380%+. Our comprehensive Digital Footprint Audit covers your website, landing pages, blogs, social channels, search engine rankings, backlinks, competitive analysis, trends, opportunities and more. Once we product this report, we review it with you page by page to make sure all of your questions are answered, and you know what needs to be done to amplify your current marketing.

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